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Buying Furniture

Need ideas on buying furniture? Want to be sure you are buying quality furniture? Learn about how to make make good furniture buying decisions.
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  2. Furniture Brand and Product Reviews (8)
  3. Furniture Buying Tips (25)
  4. Home Furnishing Organizations (7)

Top 12 Reasons to Buy Furniture
The reasons people purchase furniture.

10 New Year's Resolutions About Furniture
Make a New Year Resolution to buy the best furniture that fits your lifestyle.

Is it Time to Ditch the Old Sofa Bed?
To replace a sofa bed or not.

Pinnacle Awards
Pinnacle Awards recognize excellence in furniture design.

Where to Buy Discontinued Furniture
How and where to find discontinued furniture.

Does a Negative Furniture Manufacturer Review Give you the Whole Picture?
How to glean important information from online furniture customer reviews.

How to Buy a Daybed
Tips for buying a daybed

Companies with Made in America Furniture
Here are some companies that manufacture furniture in America.

Furniture from Harden
A look at furniture from Harden.

Made in America Furniture
Have you ever bought furniture that was made in America?See submissions

Hidden Costs When Buying Furniture
Are you aware of the hidden costs when buying furniture?

Buying Furniture with "Buy Now, Pay Later" is Never a Good Deal
Why buying furniture with a "Buy Now, Pay Later" is not a good deal.

Ecosleep Air Bed Mattresses Collection
Mattresses from EcoSleep.

The Dream Machine for Customized Pillows
Get your own customized pillows with the Dream Machine.

Hammary Tables and Chests Recalls
Here is a list of tables and chests recalled by Hammary Furniture Co.

Major Furniture Sales Events
Furniture sales events throughout the year.

Top 10 Furniture Trends of the Decade
The top 10 furniture trends of the decade came about the way trends in furniture always do, dictated by who is buying, and how they live.

Gift Cards for Home Furnishings
Gift Cards can come in handy when you don't know what to buy for someone...or when you are running out of time. Remember that there are fees involved, so always check. It is also a good idea to buy from reputable companies so your money doesn't go to waste. Also check to see if a gift card can be used elsewhere, or just at the store you bought it.

Talking with Michael Salguero of CustomMade.com about Custom …
Here's a talk with Michael Salguero, President of CustomMade Ventures. His site custommade.com provides a marketing tool for wood workers, artisans and small studios.

Furnishing an Off-Campus Apartment for the College Student
Furnishing an off-campus apartment for the college student is a little different from furnishing a dorm, but most students are still on limited budgets.

How to Judge Quality in Wood Furniture
Know what to look for when you buy wood furniture. Learn how to look for quality before you buy.

Furnishing Tips for Couples
Furnishing for a couple is different from when you furnish just for yourself. Learn how to make furnishing decisions that make you both happy.

How to Buy Furniture at Sales
There are many types of furniture sales. Are they all worth your while? Here are some tips.

Top 10 Furniture Buying Mistakes
What are the most common mistakes people make when buying furniture? Here are the top ten.

How to Judge a Sofa for Quality
Ever wonder what makes one sofa better than another one? It's what's on the inside more than just the looks.

Talking with Leigh Keno About Buried Treasure
Talking with Leigh Keno about Buried Treasure, the Keno Brothers' new reality show on FOX.

Where Should You Buy Furniture?

Sustainable Furnishings Council
A profile of Sustainable Furnishings Council, or SFC.

Different Types of Leather Used in Making Furniture
Different types of leather used for furniture.

Slipcovers for Sofas, Chairs and Loveseats
When in a hurry to change the look of your furniture, slipcovers for sofas, chairs and loveseats help tremendously. Slipcovers also work if you want to protect your furniture from pets and small children. The important thing is to find a slipcover that fits your furniture and the also the look of your room. If you are particular about how you...

Top 10 Furniture Retailers
See which popular furniture stores placed among our top 10 selection.

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