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Gifts Under 25 Dollars

Find An Affordable Gift


Looking for a gift under $25 that is not cheap? It is not that difficult to find an affordable gift. And "affordable" does not mean that your gift has to be undesirable also.

Here are some gifts that you may want to check out:

1. CB2 Appetizer Plates

CB2 Appetizer Plates
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

These appetizer plates showcase CB2's partnership with San Francisco based Creativity Explored, a nonprofit visual arts center that helps artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell art.

Made of glazed stoneware these plates feature artist and greeting card designer Gordon Chin's series of donut designs and handwritten labels, They are dishwasher and microwave-safe. A percentage of each sale will go to Creativity Explored.

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2. Eye Glasses Holder

Eye Glasses Holder
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

Never misplace eye glasses again. This eye glass holder is made from shisham wood, which is native to the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The wood is sustainably harvested as it comes from dead trees.

The hand-carved face was made in India by HSSS, which is a non-profit organization helping artisans who may be suffering hardships for a variety of reasons ranging from physical handicaps, to being handicapped from extreme poverty or belonging to lower castes.

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3. Black Cast Iron 'strength' Teapot Infuser

Black Cast Iron 'strength' Teapot Infuser
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

The Japanese have used cast iron teapots for a long time. For the serious tea drinker, who thinks microwaving a mug of water is a travesty, is this black cast iron teapot.

This teapot will brew 16 ounces or two cups of tea, unless traditional teacups are used and those tend to be much smaller.

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4. Crate and Barrel Stainless Steel Espresso Cup with Saucer

Crate and Barrel Stainless Steel Espresso Cup with Saucer
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

The stainless steel cup and saucer come from Crate and Barrel. The double walled construction keeps the liquid inside hot, while the exterior stays cool to the touch.

The cup is made from 18/8 stainless steel and has a shiny mirror finish. To be hand-washed only.
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5. iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer

itouchless Handheld Bag Re-Sealer - 2 Pack
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

The iTouchless Bag Resealer helps reseal unused portions of food by creating an airtight seal along the edge of any plastic bag. It is powered by 2 AA-sized batteries, (not included). A magnetic base helps keep it handy.

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6. Origami Wine Tote

Origami Wine Tote
Photo (c)

For the person who likes to do things with style. The origami wine tote carries one bottle of wine in a tote inspired by the art of origami or the Japanese art of paper folding.

Made of of neoprene, that is vinyl and PVC free, the tote can be hand-washed, and is stain resistant. It holds one 750ml-1L bottle of wine, and folds flat when not in use, earning its name. Insulates one bottle of wine for up to 4 hours.

Dimensions: 4-7/10"W x 16"L when compressed.

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7. Recycled Wine Bottle Platters

Recycled Wine Glass Platters
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

These wine bottle shaped platters from Uncommon Goods are made from 100 percent recycled glass. There can be multiple uses for them, the most obvious are for holding wine cheese, crackers, fruits or vegetables at a party. But they can also be used for holding candles, spoon rests or butter dishes.

Each platter is made in an 8-hour process using recycled glass and stainless steel. The platters come with stainless steel spreaders. Dimensions: 12" L x 4.5" W. Spreader: 5" L x .75" W

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8. Pizza Slice & Serve Board

Pizza Slice & Serve Board
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

The pizza slice and serve board from Crate and Barrel is a jelli board that convenient for slicing and serving . It sits on a convenient chrome wire rack that comes with handles to help with carrying.

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9. 7-Piece Red and White Fondue Set

7-Piece Red and White Fondue Set
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

A small fondue set for an intimate meal. The two-piece porcelain fondue pot is kept warm with a single tealight. The set comes with six stainless steel forks.

Dimensions: Bowl is 4.75"dia. x 5.75"H pot, and the six forks are 7" each.

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10. Wooden Labyrinth Game

Wooden Labyrinth Game
Photo (c) priceGrabber

A labyrinth is a great meditation tool. This challenging puzzle has the user guide five stainless steel balls through a circular, difficult track into the center ring.

Beautiful and hand-made by Indian artisans from sustainably harvested shesham wood. Dimensions: 6" Dia. x 1" H.

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