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10 Gifts for Under 10 Dollars


Looking for stocking stuffers or gifts for everyone on your list? Budgets can only be stretched so far, but who says you can't find awesome gifts for under $10?.

Match the right person with the right gift, and you are all set.

1. Artifact Bowl

Artisan Bowls
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

From CB2, come these stoneware artifact bowls. These are hand glazed and hand-painted with for a speckled effect and have a contrasting rim. Large enough for hot soup on a cold day or to hold munchies. For $10, you can get more than one.

Dimensions: 4"dia. x 2.5"H. Care: they will need to be hand washed.

2. Shesham Server

Shesham Server
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

For someone who loves the richness of wood grain, this server made from shesham wood might be the gift to choose. CB2 says these servers were made from sustainable plantation-grown shesham wood. The pieces come in varying light-to-dark tones, and look unique because of differences in the grain and coloring.

Featured here is the server, but there is a spoon and a spatula also, with the spatula costing the least, and the spoon coming in at a little over $10.

Dimensions: 5.75"W x 9"D x 1.5"H.

3. Great White Espresso Cup and Saucer

Espresso Cups
Photo (c) Pottery Barn

An espresso cup and saucer for the espresso lover on your list. The cup and saucer together cost less than $10. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, and is made of "high-fired, hand-glazed porcelain."

4. Cultural Intrigue Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Cultural Intrigue Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holder
Photo (c) Luna Bazar

A decorative candle holder makes a votive candle look special. This is a gift for someone who likes to celebrate special occasions with candles. The antiqued metallic finish resulted in a reflective surface that pairs nicely with a candle's flame.

Dimensions: 2.5" Diameter x 3" H.

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5. Cobalt Blue Bud Vase

Judel Designer Series Cobalt Blue Bud Vase
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

Bud vases make great accents, with or without blooms in them. This striking cobalt blue bud vase is simple, free of distracting details. From the Judel Designer Series.

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6. FashionCraft Glistening-grape-design Wine Charm Sets

FashionCraft Glistening-grape-design Wine Charm Sets
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

This set of 4 wine charms shaped like clusters of grapes will be appreciated by the recipient who loves to entertain. Charms make it easy to track glasses.

Each poly resin wine charm measures 2.25 x 1 with a Pewter finish. Shaped as a bunch of grapes with rhinestones embellishing each grape, the charms are attached to a silver metal, clear-bead-accented hoop. They come in different colors: blush pink, sun kiss lilac, chartreuse or brilliant clear.

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7. Antique Brass Finish Magnifier with Letter Opener

Antique Brass Finish Magnifier with Letter Opener
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

A magnifying glass and a letter opener all at once, this is a useful office desk accessory. The 2" diameter lens magnifies to 3x, and is framed in antiqued brass.

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8. Desktop Pencil Cup with Photo Frames

Desktop Pencil Cup with Photo Frames
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

A desktop organizer is useful for holding pencils, scissors, and other useful, easily misplaced objects. But this holder also hinges open to reveal two picture frames for 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" photos. It can be kept closed with the aid of hidden magnets, when the frames don't need to be displayed.

Dimensions: 4" diameter x 4 1/2"H.

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9. Container Store Tea Bag Buddy

Container Store Tea Bag Buddy
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

The Tea Bag Buddy covers the mouth of a tea pot or mug, while securing the string of the teabag. This results in a hotter cup of tea, and better flavor for the serious tea drinker.

It is made of non-staining silicone, which also allows one to squeeze the tea bag to get the best flavor, and also doubles as a receptacle for the tea bag between uses.

Available in three colors.

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10. Republic Of Tea Earl Greyer Full-leaf Loose Black Tea

Earl Grey Tea
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

For the tea lover on your list, a tin of Earl Grey loose leaf tea. The mini taster tin holds up to ten servings, and contains black tea leaves. Earl Grey tea can be easily mixed with other black teas for an enhanced flavor.

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