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Colors for Christmas Decorating


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Using Different Color Schemes for Holiday Decorating
Etched Mercury Vases, Pottery Barn

Etched Mercury Vases

Photo (c) Pottery Barn

Decorating in the colors of Christmas no longer means decorating in red and green, although it by no means rules them out either. The colors you use in your holiday decorations can help you create the mood you want, be it traditional, resplendent, sophisticated or simply restful.

Before you pick your holiday color scheme, look at the colors you already have in your home. Take into account your walls, your furniture and your accessories. You may decide to put some of your accessories away to make your Christmas color scheme more effective.

There is no need to decorate in just one color, instead pick a dominant one and pick one or two colors to play it up. But it is a good idea to select one and build around it. Instant peace and harmony!

Color Schemes for Christmas Decorating
Plan Your Christmas Party Decor

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