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CES 2013 Products for the Home and Beyond


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What is CES?
Sneak peak for media members at CES Unveiled, 2013 International CES

Sneak peak for media members at CES Unveiled, the official Press Event of the 2013 International CES

Photo (c) CES

CES, or the Consumer Electronic Show takes place every year in January in Las Vegas. Sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, it brings us new technological advances, ideas and developments.

Technology governs our daily lives, dictating how we live, work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. It has also brought us new medical advances, including those small gadgets that we use daily to help take care of our health. We now arrange our homes around it, and the always connected lifestyle has also given rise to changes in furniture design to accommodate it.

So many products that we now take for granted and use daily, were introduced at some CES past. It is no wonder then that the new technological marvels that are revealed every year at CES are eagerly awaited, both by industry professionals and consumers. CES, however, is not open to the public.

Official website for the Consumer Electronics Show

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