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Haiku Fan - Energy Efficient and Made from Sustainable Materials
Haiku Fan in Caramel Bamboo

Haiku Fan in Caramel Bamboo

Photo (c) Haiku Fan

The Haiku fan is not only energy efficient, but uses a highly sustainable material - bamboo, in its construction. But maybe the first thing you will notice is how it looks. Its manufacturers call it poetry in motion, and hence its name, Haiku.

Manufactured by Big Ass Fans, the Haiku fan is a very energy efficient ceiling fan according to ENERGY STAR rating. Its minimalist design and use of sustainable materials distinguish it. So much so, that it has also been used in the 2012 HGTV Green Home.

Haiku features a very quiet motor producing less than 34 dBA, which is "quieter than a deserted library at midnight". Its Sensorless Drive Technology exceeds ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements by 450 to 750 percent. Put another way, it means that while most residential ceiling fans require 90 to 100 watts of electrical power input, Haiku fans run on 2 to 30 watts. That enables a Haiku fan to use about 50 kilowatt-hours in a year, for a total cost of around $5.

There are 10 speed settings that can be controlled by a thin remote, including the exclusive Whoosh mode that simulates natural variations in airflow.

Haiku’s airfoils are handcrafted and made of five layers of Moso bamboo for interior use, and a durable matrix composite, for outdoor use.

Since shaping bamboo requires tremendous expertise, Big Ass Fans worked with U.S. furniture craftsmen to create the exclusive process that covered all aspects of its airfoil creation, all the way from applying the adhesive and forming the shapes to sanding the finished product.

Haiku fans may be used in homes for bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor rooms and patios, as well as for hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

There are several choices in finishing: Haiku Bamboo is available in Caramel or Cocoa while the matrix composite Haiku comes in Black or White.

To order, call 877-326-0590. More information is also available at www.haikufan.com

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