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Pick the Perfect Lamp Shade


Pick the perfect shade for your lamp to makes it even more attractive, and if you need help picking one, just follow these simple guidelines. A shade can completely change or update the way your lamp looks.

  • The most common materials used for shades are silk, cotton, linen, plastic/vinyl and paper. Choose a material that goes with your décor or one that would provide an attractive accent.
  • To look attractive, a lamp shade should be at least as wide as the widest part of the lamp. As a general rule, a shade several inches wider than the lamp can look good.
  • The bottom of the socket should be completely covered by the shade.
  • Use a harp to lower or raise the height of the shade, so that it sits where you want it to sit.
  • Three dimensions are measured to get the shade size, the top diameter, the bottom diameter, and the shade's height. These measurements determine the shade size, and you might want to take them along with you if you need a replacement.
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