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Quick Last Minute Decor Changes for Christmas

How to Decorate for Christmas with What You Have


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

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Taking a look around your home, you may realize that you need to make quick, last minute changes to your Christmas decor. When you do it year after year it is easy to fall into a rut, and you may get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. You may feel it does not look festive enough, or maybe there are new trends afoot and you want to update your Christmas decor.

What ever your reason for wanting last minute changes, know that there is no dearth of quick fixes once you let your creative juices flow. You also don't need to go to a lot of expense to create holiday decorations. Most of the time you can find all the supplies around your home. If you do need to shop, thrift stores, garage sales or even flea market finds can be used.

Wrap with Fabric

Fabric can be your best holiday decor friend. Especially, bright festive colored fabric. Use it to wrap, drape, or cover surfaces that you wish to transform.

You may either use festive yardage from your local fabric store's discount section, or just scrounge around the house for shawls or scarves that you already have.

Consider what you can do with tree skirts to augment your Christmas tree decoration. Experiment with wrapping around loose pillows or seating cushions. Drape on sofas, or use fabric to cover boring table surfaces. Bright, festive colors will bring Christmas cheer to any room.

Hang Ornaments

Ornaments do not belong on Christmas trees alone. Try hanging ornaments made from paper, metal, or glass in different places. The more unexpected the placement the better for your Christmas ornaments to make an impact. Try hanging them from chandeliers in varying lengths. Hang ornaments from curtain rods to dress up windows, or even hang on walls. Surround some ornaments with frames for a different take. Christmas ornaments can be made into wreaths, or bunched up in bowls to carry forward a color theme.

Cheap or Free Christmas Ornaments You Can Make
Beautiful Christmas Tree Ornaments Handmade Ornaments: DIY Ornament Ideas

Add Glitter with Beads

Beads, especially shiny beads in silver, gold or really any color you're using for your Christmas decor can really dress up a space.

Pool them around the bases of candles to catch the light. Use a string of beads to hang ornaments or use around bases of potted plants. Beads can be used inside glass vases on their own, or as part of a flower arrangement. Once you start looking for places to use beads, you are sure to find plenty of ways to use them.

Beaded Christmas Ornament Cover

Tie Ribbons

Ribbons can add instant festive touches throughout your home. Huge, festive bows, or more subtle ones, bows add a new look to familiar objects. Bows can also help you with color themes.

Start with the front door and add a bow to the door knob. Tie ribbons to backs of chairs, and also use ribbons to add bows to other pieces of furniture. Tuck in an ornament in the bow for extra detail.

Collect Objects from Nature

Objects from nature, such as berries, cones and evergreen foliage always come in handy for holiday decorations. Sometimes all you need to do is step outside and bring some in.

Evergreens, berries and cones can be arranged on mantels. You can create centerpieces using these materials. Create instant eye-catching arrangements around candles, or arrange in vases. They can also be displayed in bowls. Evergreens can be tucked around picture frames on your walls. There are countless ways to how you can add these elements to your holiday decorations.

Holiday Greens and Decorations


Poinsettias come in many different colors, and you can easily use the bright festive colors to ramp up the color in a room. Tuck large and small plants into corners or arrange together for an attention grabbing display.

Light Candles

Candles signal celebration and give an additional layer to lighting. Dim the other lights and let the candles work their magic.

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