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Accessories Guide

Since accessories can make your room come alive, the accessories guide exists to point you to rugs, lighting, pillows or other accents that add flair, glamor and comfort to a room.
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10 Menorahs for Hanukkah
A selection of 10 menorahs. Find one that fits your style.

Bird Inspirations and Avian Themes for Furniture

Green for St. Patrick's Day

CES 2013 Products for the Home and Beyond

Christmas Decorations Clearance Sales
Shop clearance sales after Christmas for holiday decorations.

How to Select a Rug Size and Shape

10 Gifts for Under $10
Find gifts for even the smallest budget.

Ornaments, Accessories and Decorations for Christmas
Decorating with accessories and ornaments.

Add Topiaries to Your Holiday Decor
Decorate for the holidays with these topiaries.

Patriotic Pride and Political Leanings

Fall Wreaths for Your Home
Decorate with fall wreaths.

Gifts Under 25 Dollars
Find affordable gifts for under $25.

Home Accessories for Fall
Dress up your home with fall accessories.

The Novogratz design a rug for CB2.

Throw Pillows for All Purposes
An outdoor pillow in blue ikat

Ceiling Fans
Are you looking for a ceiling fan that isn't boring?

Air Cleaners, Purifiers for Allergy Free Homes
An air purifier or air cleaner can help maintain clean air indoors.

Colors for Christmas Decorating
How to use different color schemes to decorate for Christmas.

Find a Gift for Everyone on Your List
Match the right gifts to the right person with this selection of gifts from About.com Guides

Decorating with Different Types of Candles
Decorate your living spaces with different types of candles

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection
Swarovski Elements brings wallpaper with Cabochon Pearls and Crystal Strata for shimmering walls.

Luxury Bedding from Kumi Kookoon
Kumi Kookoon makes luxury silk bedding.

Accessories, Accents and More from Echo Home
Accessories, accents, wall papers and fabric from Echo Home.

Create Personalized Wall Art with CanvasPop
How to create personalized wall art with CanvasPop.

Candles by Jonathan Adler
Candles by Jonathan Adler.

Shamrock Pillows
A selection of shamrock pillows.

Yves Klein Winged Victory of Samothrace by Lalique
The limited edition Yves Klein Winged Victory of Samothrace by Yves Klein.

Quick Last Minute Decor Changes for Christmas
Quick last minute decor changes for Christmas.

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

If you have wine lovers on your gift list, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from. Your wine aficionado will not only appreciate a bottle of good wine, but gifts for wine storage and accessories are always welcome.

Napkin Rings for a Holiday Table
It is small details like napkin rings that really dress up a holiday table. Not that you can't use them at other times of the year, but who has the time to dress up a dinner table on most days? Metal, wood, crystal, and a variety ofother materials all serve a purpose with their own special qualities, and cater to different personal tastes...

How to Choose a Dining Room Rug

Review of Jonathan Adler's "Customize Your Own" Feature
A review of Jonathan Adler's "Customize Your Own" Feature.

What is LED Lighting?
What is LED lighting?

Different Types of Floor Lamps for Lighting
There are different types of floor lamps for lighting a room.

5 Leading Trends in Lighting
Here are some trends in lighting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using CFLs
There are many advantages and disadvantages to CFLs.

Best Hostess Gifts
Part of being a good guest is taking the time to pick the best hostess gifts.

Easy Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays
You can get your home ready for the holidays in no time at all with these easy tips.

6 Retro George Nelson Clocks
Here are 6 retro clocks from George Nelson, who was truly one of the greats of Mid-Century Modern design. The story goes that these clocks resulted from a playful session with Isamu Noguchi and Bucky Fuller, who tried to outdo each other in making outlandish doodles, shapes and marks. Whatever the origin, there is no denying that these...

Halloween Lighting
You know how important Halloween lighting is. After all, you want to light the way for little ghosts and goblins to reach your home safely for their trick or treating. Besides, nothing creates ambiance like lighting. Flickering candles always cast an interesting light, but wax candles can be risky around youngsters who're trying to manage...

Buy a Table Lamp
A table lamp can bring a room to life during the day as a decorative accent. At night it doubles as a decorative accent that is also a source of light. Find out what to look for.

Wall Stickers for Instant Decor
The idea of wall stickers for instant decor change is nothing new as people have been putting them up for a long time. The only difference is that nowadays there are plenty of choices available, and some of them are really good. Wall stickers are not just for little kids anymore.

How to Choose Fibers for Rugs
When you are choosing fibers for rugs for your home, make your selection based on cost and usage.

Can CFLs Provide the Same Mood Lighting as Incandescent Bulbs?
CFLs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs, but can they provide mood lighting?

What is the Difference Between Hand-knotted and Hand-tufted Rugs?
Do you know the difference between hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs?

Use Accessories to Change Your Decor
You can easily change your decor with accessories such as pillows, lamps, or rugs.

Table Lamps from Artemide
If you are choosing table lamps for your home office, take a look at some of the best known designs from Artemide. This Italian company is a leading industry giant in lighting and offers a wide selection in suspension lighting, floor lamps and table lamps.

Are LED Light Bulbs Better Than CFLs for Eco-Friendly Lighting?
Are LED light bulbs better than CFLs? Here is an article by Larry West, About.com Guide to Environmental Issues.

Lighting from Artemide
Ross Lovegrove and Artemide create beautiful lighting choices.

Pick the Perfect Lamp Shade
Do you want to pick the perfect shade for your lamp? Here are some quick tips to help you along.

How to Accessorize
Accessorizing can change the look of a room immediately. It takes very little to make big changes.

Top 10 Tips For Decorating With Rugs
When decorating a room , rugs can be very useful. They can add personality to even a drab room, giving it warmth and sophistication.

Handwoven Rug from The Prairie Collection by Marcia Weese
Grain by Marcia Weese is just one of the ten rug designs from her new Prairie Collection.

Rug Trends
Rugs can bring a room to life by tying everything together.

Home Furnishings and Accessories Gifts for Mother's Day
It can be difficult selecting gifts for Mother's Day, but home furnishings and accessories might be a natural pick for Mother's day gifts.

Frank Lloyd Wright Clocks
Frank Lloyd Wright clocks are adapted from Wright's architectural designs. Some are based on architectural features from some of his best known houses, while others are based on motifs from his designs. Since Frank Lloyd Wright had an eye for detail he focused on every aspect of a building from its location, design and architectural features,...

Gifts for Dads
Finding gifts for Dads can sometimes be a little difficult, which is why so many end up buying ties for their fathers. I have nothing against ties, but surely we can go beyond them to furnish gifts that indulge Dad and add to his comfort.

Halloween Decoration Ideas
Take a look at some Halloween decoration ideas for indoors and outdoors.

Monroe Table Lamp from Artemide
Monroe Table Lamp from Artemide

Throws, Pillows, Rugs to Bring Color to Your Home from Company C
Bring color to your home with throws, pillows and rugs.

Make Your Valentine's Day Special
Some tips and ideas from About.com Guides for a special Valentine's Day.

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