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Simplicity Sofas
Ready to Assemble Sofa, Simplicity Sofas

Ready to Assemble Sofa from Simplicity Sofas

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Simplicity Sofas is a young company that was established in 2007 and makes ready to assemble sofas. The timing at the beginning of a stubborn recession could have put it in trouble, but the company has flourished and grown steadily year over year.

It isn't just business acumen that makes a company grow even in tough times. The product has to deliver value, and my own experience with it turned out to be very positive. Apparently, the company has never once received a negative customer review.

There are three things that you should know about Simplicity Sofas:

  • All the furniture is made in the USA at the company's North Carolina plant
  • The RTA or Ready To Assemble upholstered furniture can be easily assembled in less than fifteen minutes
  • Simplicity Sofas only sells directly to consumers and not through dealers

Simplicity Sofas manufactures large and small sofas, apartment sofas, studio sofas, sleepers, and sectionals at its High Point, NC plant. The furniture is custom-built to customers' specifications and then shipped directly to the them through UPS freight.

The most outstanding feature is that even its largest sofas can fit through small doorways and be carried through hallways and staircases easily. The largest sofa needs a width of only 15", while sectionals need 8". This is ideal for small spaces and apartments.

Once inside, the sofa can be assembled easily, with little effort and in very little time. On its homepage the company has a video of an eight year old putting a sofa together in five minutes. What is even better, the furniture can be disassembled just as easily when moving, and then set up again without using any tools at all.

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