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Creating a Centerpiece for Your Holiday Table


A centerpiece gives a finished look to a holiday table. It can play up a theme, provide glamor, bring warmth and color.

There are many different ways to create one, ranging from elaborately put together and complex centerpieces to very simple yet equally effective ones. It all depends on your time, budget or inclination.

What kind of a table are you setting? What is the mood you want to create? Below are some holiday centerpiece suggestions that can be easily put together by you.

Most of these centerpieces can be assembled in very little time and with resources you are likely to have on hand. Even if you need to purchase some supplies they can be as affordable as you choose.

1. Creating Simple Sensational Centerpieces

Ideas for a simple sensational centerpiece come from Donna Pilato, the Guide to Entertaining. She breaks it down into the elements you would require to set up a centerpiece: a container, color and ideas to pull it all together.

2. Fall and Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

Here is a wealth of ideas for Fall and Thanksgiving centerpieces. Included are ideas for a wreath centerpiece, harvest centerpieces, and even a beaded fruit centerpiece. A centerpiece made out of dried corn and pumpkins is also included.

3. Fast and Easy Holiday Centerpieces

From the Guide to Entertaining, here are plenty of quickly assembled holiday centerpieces. There is a list of centerpieces assembled from many different materials and set up for different looks. One easy tip is to assemble your arrangement on a platter, tray, or large serving plate. This gives you the ability to move it easily, protects your table, and avoids mess.

4. Pumpkin Tea Light Holders

It is easy to put together this centerpiece with pumpkins and tea lights. Read through the simple and easy steps for putting together this fall centerpiece.

5. Foraging the Garden for Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Around Thanksgiving, there are all these fruits, flowers and foliage in glorious colors. They make the perfect raw material for creating a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Here are some tips for doing just that from Marie Iannotti, the Guide to Gardening.

6. epergne

What is an epergne you ask? And how do you pronounce it? Learn about this centerpiece possibility from the Pamela Wiggins, the Guide to Antiques.

7. How To Make an Ice Centerpiece

The instructions for making this holiday or party centerpiece come to you from Erin Huffstetler, the Guide to Frugal Living. It is entirely up to you and your creativity how you choose to adapt this very simple and easy to make centerpiece for any holiday table.

8. Five Holidays & Five Centerpieces (For Less Than 15 Dollars)

From the Guide to Budget Decorating, come these budget friendly ideas (for less than 15 dollars) for making holiday centerpieces for five different holidays, namely Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year.

9. How to Make a Cheap, Easy and Festive Holiday Container Garden

This is something that you can throw together at the very last moment, and it will seem that you have put in some planning. A festive holiday container garden is the way to go if you want an original centerpiece for your table. The best thing is that this centerpiece keeps on evolving over a period of time till the bulbs bloom.

This container garden centerpiece comes to you from Kerry Michaels, the Guide to Container Gardening.

10. How to Make a Flower and Candle Centerpiece

If you prefer to watch step by step how to put together a centerpiece with flowers and candles, then watch this video from About.com. All you need is candles, floral foam, flowers, greens and floral tape.More Info

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