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The Color Blue


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Intense Blue for Drama
Chest from French Heritage

Chest from French Heritage

Photo (c) French Heritage

The enduring power of blue doesn't let it stay too long out of the spotlight. For 2013, it seems that blue will dominate.

Blue happens to be the complementary color of orange, sitting right across from it on the color wheel. Blue is also a primary color, and a cool one. It suggests stability and commonsense, while also inspiring trust. But most of all, it is calming and peaceful.

We generally don't think of blue as a dramatic color. But how about an intense blue in an unexpected context?

A traditional French chest is painted in a deeply intense lapis finish, which then is adorned with silver bat-wing pulls and silver ogee edge. The chest comes from French Heritage, and is certainly not the only dramatic looking piece from the company.

The Meaning of Blue

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