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Decorating with Gold


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The Grandeur of Gold
Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection - Versailles, Gold

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection - Versailles, Gold

Photo (c) Swarovski Elements

Decorating with gold is nothing new. Gold has been associated with luxury, richness and grandeur. There are many different ways of using the metal as well as the color, and cultures across the globe have used it for ages.

Gilded furniture, gold-leafed screens, fabrics with golden threads, accessories and embellishments, are but some of the ways to use this color and material.

In today's interiors gold furniture can be a bit overwhelming, if not balanced by other furnishings. However, it is great for accents. Especially when you consider that gold can also be used in burnished or more muted tones for a more sophisticated look, and then entire walls can be covered in gold wall paper, such as this one from Swarovski.

To bring gold successfully into your interior, look for pieces with an aged patina, and burnished details. A smooth satin finish will also work. While case goods such as tables and chests are great for golden touches, don't forget fabric or leather. Jonathan Adler has some gold Moroccan style pouffes.

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