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SANUS Teams Up With International Association for Child Safety

Monday April 14, 2014

SANUS and the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) have teamed up to decrease incidents of TV tip-overs. SANUS manufactures TV mounts and the IAFCS is a worldwide network of child safety professionals.


While many efforts are being made to raise awareness, unsecured flat panel TVs continue to pose a great risk, especially to young children. The increasing sizes and new ultra thin designs make for great TV watching experiences, but pose danger when the TV is not properly secured. It can easily topple off furniture when bumped or pulled, potentially causing injury or even death.  Child injuries from TV tip-overs have nearly doubled in two decades.  A study released in Pediatrics, a journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, concludes that the rate of TV related injuries is rising in children, and that prevention strategies including proper anchoring are needed.

SANUS and the IAFCS are encouraging caregivers to take proper precautions by mounting TVs in the home to reverse the trend on this growing issue. Both will share educational resources and safety solutions through the IAFCS website, a membership newsletter and social media channels for greater local and national engagement.


Additionally, the partnership will serve as a platform to further educate consumers on SANUS' national safety awareness campaign with Safe Kids Worldwide. Using this network of recognized experts in the field of safety, the joint venture hopes to inspire members to connect with families and caregivers in their local communities to create safer home environments.

Expanding Accessories Collections From Rug Manufacturers

Thursday April 10, 2014

Many rug manufacturers are showing their expanded home accessory collections at High Point.

Surya Lamp Collection

Surya has expanded its lighting collection taking it up to 150 different offerings. These lighting options offer a variety of styles from conventional to over-sized, and include floor, table, and task lamps in a wide array of styles, finishes, and materials as you can see above.

Loloi Pillows

Loloi on the other hand, has introduced a collection of 50 pillows that range from classic to contemporary, and neutral to colorful, to go with a variety of home decor options. The collection incorporates a variety of tones, textures, styles and sizes, all meant to complement their rugs.

New Academy Color Predictor App

Wednesday April 9, 2014

And now for something that is completely off topic, but cool, and also completely free. The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has developed a color app for the public, that is now available on iTunes.

Academy Color Predictor App Interface

Amateur filmmakers and content creators rejoice! The app helps predict how key ingredients in cinematography will interact. These key ingredients may include objects that you plan to photograph, along with other elements such as lights, camera, and filters. With the app, you will be able to visualize different possible combinations of elements by changing the key source light, filters or image sensors.

The Academy Color Predictor app for iPad iOS 7 will be highlighted at the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas this week.

First Ever Low Back Recliners from Ekornes

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Among the new product introductions at the High Point Market are these low back recliners from Ekornes. If you are a fan of Stressless recliners from Ekornes, you might want to check these out.

Ekornes Low Back Stressless Recliners

These chairs are not meant to fully recline, and don't have matching ottomans. However, they come with rotating steel bases, and are the first Stressless line with adjustable seat heights for added comfort. The chair's patented Plus System allows the chair to respond to the body's movements for comfort and support.

The chair size is great for creating a flexible group seating, so you can use it for a dining or entertaining. Ekornes recently also created the Stressless Urban table in two sizes to facilitate that. The reclining chairs featured here are show grouped around the large Stressless Urban Table. When the low back recliners become available later this year, you will be able to order them in leather or fabrics with prices starting at $1,599 for Stressless City low back, and $1,695 for Metro low back.

New Keno Bros Furniture From Theodore Alexander

Monday April 7, 2014

Theodore Alexander brings more classically designed modern furniture from Keno Brothers, Leigh and Leslie, to the 2014 Spring High Point Market.

Large Chair

The designs are inspired by a passion for antiques, sculpture and rare objects, and the brothers have transformed the best from earlier periods into furniture for how we like to live live today. While functional, the furniture offers a luxurious look with its sinuous lines, refined finishes and material.

Cocktail Table

With the Kenos, modern doesn't mean cold thanks to exotic woods and veneers that complement shapes and silhouettes. Splashes of bold color and a sense of whimsy embellish the clean, modern lines of their furniture. The table above has a movingue or satinwood veneer.

Norwalk Furniture Cuts Down on Chemicals in Products

Monday April 7, 2014

Norwalk Furniture is getting rid of toxic flame-retardant chemicals in its upholstered furniture starting June 1. A CertiPUR-US seal will be added guaranteeing that foams are free of harmful additives.


This comes ahead of the new California law TB 117-2013 (PDF) which takes effect January 1, 2015. Additionally, Norwalk upholstery will also meet the new California flame smolder test, resulting in improved fire safety without toxic chemicals.

A study published last year by Duke University and the University of California-Berkeley in Environmental Science & Technology showed the pervasiveness of potentially toxic chemical fire retardants in every day home products including furniture. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to hormone disruption, neurological and reproductive issues, and cancer in animals and humans according to the study. Tests showed that 94 percent of the furniture purchased after 2005 had flame retardant chemicals were found in 94 percent of upholstery.

The new law, which passed in October 2013, will not do away with the chemicals altogether, but aims at reduction. Upholstered chairs, sofas and other household products sold in California are now required to bear a permanently attached label on packaging and in retail store displays to warn consumers prior to exposure to harmful chemicals.

Stanley to Cease Production on Young America

Sunday April 6, 2014

Stanley Furniture is ceasing production on its Young America line. The manufacturer will take orders till April 28 and plans to honor those orders before closing down the factory in Robbinsville. All Young America assets, including the brand and the manufacturing facilities will be up for sale.

 Quinn Bed

The line was being manufactured in the U.S. since 2009, and had been in existence since the mid-1980s. One of the reasons for bringing production back to the U.S. was to allow for greater customization and better product safety. Young America was Greenguard certified offering safer finishes.

As a consequence, Young America licensing agreements such as the one with Mod Mom Furniture creator Kiersten Hathcock, the brand's spokesperson, were affected. PB Teen is also affected. And as another furniture factory shuts down, many jobs will be lost.

Why You May Have to Wait For Your Sofa Delivery

Monday March 31, 2014

It is frustrating to have to wait long periods for your sofa delivery. Very often when people order a piece of furniture they want it now, this very minute, yesterday if possible.

Sofa with Ethnic Inspired Fabric

But very often the wait can be days, weeks or even months. A common cause for delay is that your furniture store might not have the sofa in stock. Another cause may be customization, which can be as simple as ordering it in a new fabric, to something more complex such as changing the arms, raising its height or even changing its size.

It does help to know in advance, and most good retailers will let you know right away if the sofa of your choice will take longer than usual to deliver. It is also one of the first questions you should ask to prevent disappointment.



Sauder Making Furniture for IKEA

Monday March 31, 2014

Sauder has entered into a contract with IKEA to produce four furniture lines for them. This will also help create new jobs at the company's Ohio plant.

You may recall that Sauder is known for its affordable RTA furniture that it has been manufacturing  since the 1930s. This furniture is made at its Archbold, Ohio facility. The new contract is a further development in the two companies' relationship, as Sauder has been making kitchen cabinets for IKEA since 2007. Now it will also make bedroom, office entertainment  and children's storage furniture for IKEA.

IKEA for its part is growing its domestic sourcing for the U.S. market, bringing it to about a third of the furniture coming from American suppliers. An spokesperson for the retail giant says that they are looking to expand manufacturing here so as to be able to supply furniture to the American market sustainably and economically.

Mattress Myths and Confusions

Sunday March 30, 2014

Mattresses myths abound and confusion has grown with time.

Kluft's Aireloom Hybrid Mattress

There have been so many developments in the mattress industry, with new technology, different materials and different combinations of materials. Much of the confusion exists because some of the advice applies to one type of mattress, and not to any other.

The old ten year rule for instance? Doesn't mean much, because if you are waking up with a sore back within months of a mattress purchase, you need a new mattress, and most likely a different type. And firm mattresses are not necessarily the best solution for back problems. Studies have shown medium firm to be better.

One rule that still holds true? Try before you buy. Even if you are buying online (there might be some really good deals) and even if the reviews are great, try out that type of mattress in a store or somewhere else.

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